Minimalism in Web Design: A Guide

"It’s easy to see how a minimal web design can be misconstrued as something that requires less effort or time to create. After all, conveying the feeling of simplicity and a primary focus is really the purpose of a minimal design.

"However, saying that it requires less work couldn’t be further from the truth. Minimal web designs are strategically stripped of excess features and gimmicks in order to deliver a clear and concise message to the target audience." Here it is: Minimalism in Web Design: A Guide

Lara Croft's New Mission: Flood Relief Pakistan

The Desi Demographic in the U.S. Market

This Time article heralds a new Marketing trend brewing in the U.S.: Targeting the Desi demographic. "South Asian marketing is still in its infancy, but early adopters like General Motors, Citibank and GlaxoSmithKline are advertising in ethnic newspapers, buying airtime on satellite channels, sponsoring cultural festivals, underwriting minority scholarships and even creating new products, like MTV Desi."

The article at the Time website: Chasing Desi Dollars - TIME

To NUML MBA - Marketing Class (2008-10): Thank You!

This post is dedicated to the NUML MBA - Marketing Class (2008-10), with whom I had occasion to briefly interact on the morning of August 17, 2010. Thank you all, guys - you made my day - especially those of you who asked questions. In particular, I am indebted to Shakeela and her group for making it happen; and to Prof. Muhammad Haroon Khan, without whose support it would not have been possible.

Here are a few links to more information on some of the points we discussed - should be particularly on interest to the five pupils who said they intended to seek careers in Advertising:
1. On Islamic Branding, how Olpers have been focusing on their 'Islamic' credentials to compete with Nestlé in Pakistan, and Nike's comeback since the mess-up with Muslim consumers: "Olpers, a Pakistani milk brand introduced in 2006, has been seeking to compete with Nestlé. Its television commercials for Ramadan in 2008 and 2009..." Advertisers Seek to Speak to Muslim Consumers -
2. On false claims in advertising: "Coca-Cola is being sued by a non-profit public interest group, on the grounds that the company's vitaminwater products make unwarranted health claims. ... [L]awyers for Coca-Cola are defending the lawsuit by asserting that "no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking vitaminwater was a healthy beverage." John Robbins: The Dark Side of Vitaminwater
3. Ogilvy  Noor: “the world’s first bespoke Islamic branding practice.” Their website is here.

Ogilvy Noor's Case for Islamic Branding

"The Muslim consumer market, at 1.8bn people, is undeniably the next important (and largely untapped) global opportunity. The halal market alone is worth a staggering US$2.1 trillion a year and is growing at US$500bn a year due to the growth of the global Muslim population." There website has more: Why Islamic Branding | Ogilvy Noor

The State of Brand Pakistan

The site Nation Branding has only one mention of Pakistan - and see how it is: "In a recent survey by the East West Communications, Israel was ranked 185 out of 200 nations in terms of positive perception, sandwiched between Iran and Pakistan."
Nation Branding » Brand Israel should integrate conflict and adversity, says advisor

Cheerful News from Mobilink Pakistan

"According to the results published by OTH, Mobilink subscriber base increased by 10.5% as compared to same period last year closing at 32.2 million at the end of H1 2010. Mobilink closed the first half of 2010 with revenues of PKR 47.5 billion showing a YoY increase of 11.4% and there was a YoY increase of 24.8% in its EBITDA in rupee terms. Moreover, the company’s EBITDA margin has increased to 39.6% versus 35.5% over the same period last year." Read the whole story here: Mobilink posts strong growth; revenues - Local News -

To be successful in advertising...

"To be successful in advertising you must be very curious. Ask not only ' Why? ' but specially ' Why not? '. That's right - another gem from John Hegarty (John_Hegarty) on Twitter. Meanwhile, anybody seen my blog yet? :)